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Looking for cash to fund your business? Lincoln Friends Loans is here to give you the capital you need to start up or expand your business. We are a loan marketplace that is built by organizations that have the means to help you build your own empire, offering you the best rates and terms that suit your needs. Through Lincoln Friends Loans, you can get a guarantor loan here that is the best of its kind, and the best for your needs.

Many of us have the brightest ideas but don’t have the money to get the business running. We know what we want to do, and we can already envision the future ahead of us. However, setting up the business – from the permits to the logistics, require capital – and not all of us have this. That is why Lincoln Friends Loans is here; we are here to put up your needs in the marketplace where many interested parties would be willing to extend a helping hand.

How does it Work?
The process starts when you fill out and submit an online application form. Our team of assessors will review your submission and revert back in as early as 2 business days to finalize your application.
Once your application is finalized, your loan needs will be put up in the marketplace, where organizations and other businesses can give you their best offers – the lowest rates and the most flexible terms. You will then have the liberty to choose which one fits your needs best. With the numerous organizations that we have partnered with, you can be sure that you will find a bid that will work the best for the business that you want to grow.
Once your loan is fully funded, you can accept the loan and start growing your business! Furthermore, we are also giving you the option to keep your loans up in the marketplace (while the ‘selected’ loan is still being funded) to see if there will be other offers that better suit your needs.
The application process takes as little as 20 minutes, and it’s hassle-free! 

What loans can I apply for?
You can make use of your loan for any of the following purposes:

  • As capital to start your business
  • As capital to expand your business
  • As an asset finance
  • As a one-off expense for your business

The amounts you can borrow range from £5k to £1M, and are payable between 6 months to as much as 5 years! The loan amount is dependent on the type of security that we can get from you:
For unsecured loans, you can generally borrow from £5k - £100k. With this kind of loan, we depend on your personal guarantee as security.
For secured loans, such as homeowner loans and logbook loans, you can generally borrow from £100k - £1m. With these kinds of loans, Lincoln Friends Loans will be taking charge of your assets while the loan is ongoing. Further, we will also be requiring a personal guarantee from you.
For asset finance loans, you can generally borrow from £30k - £1m. With this loan, you can get a new asset, or fund an already-existing one. Lincoln Friends Loans will be holding the title of your asset while the loan is ongoing.
For property finance loans, you can generally borrow from £100k - £1m. With this loan, you can fully fund and expand your business according to your needs. As such, Lincoln Friends Loans will be taking charge of a portfolio of properties that you have in your business.

With Lincoln Friends Loans, you can finally have the capital you will need for the business you have always dreamt of. Fill out our application form today to get the process started.